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Polyken 244 Utility Grade Red Duct Tape - Polyethylene Film Tape
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Red Red
72 mm x 55 m ( 3" x 60 yds )
4 Rolls
8 Rolls
Case (16 Rolls) Special Price

Polyethylene Film Tape

Berry Plastics 1st Run Duct Tape, Not Seconds.

Berry Plastics Polyken 244 Is A Durable Multi-Purpose Grade Duct Tape

Polyethylene Coated Cloth Duct Tape.

Features High Tack & Good Adhesion To Polyethylene.

Polyken 244 Has A Soft & Conformable Backing

Straight Tear

Easy To Unwind & Tear

General Applications Including:

  • -Stucco – Primarily used to mask window and door frames during stucco application to protect from overspray. 
  • -Temporary masking.
  • -Hanging, splicing, seaming and patching of polyethylene sheeting and heavy duty tarps.
  • -Sealing, bonding and repair within asbestos/abatement removal applications.
  • -Convention industry – bundling carpet, securing poly carpet protection and color coding.
  • -Temporary surface protection
  • -Permanent version available for heavy duty seaming of vapor barriers and underlayment materials and splicing and seaming heavy-weight materials.
  • -Seaming on pipefitting covers

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Berry Plastics Polyken 244

Multi-Purpose Duct Tape

  Polyken 244 TDS

Nominal Tape Widths vs Actual Widths

Tape rolls are cut to standard tape industry metric widths of approx. 24mm per 1-inch of nominal width ordered. As a result ACTUAL tape widths are normally 5% narrower than the NOMINAL width shown in inches. Examples:

  • 1" Nominal width = 15/16" (24mm) Actual width
  • 2" Nominal width = 1-7/8" (48mm) Actual width
  • 3" Nominal width = 2-13/16" (72mm) Actual width

Note that tape rolls are NOT guaranteed to be splice-free.

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