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tesa® 4334 Masking Tape


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tesa® 4334 Precision Mask®

High performance masking tape for precise and flat paint edges. tesa® 4334 Precision Mask® consists of an extra-thin and strong paper backing coated with an acrylic adhesive.

The combination of the highly equipped backing material and the outstanding special adhesive formulation allows easy removability up to 5 months after application, with 4 weeks of UV resistance. This enables multiple working processes in only one covering process.

Yellow High Performance Paint Masking Tape 3/4" x 55 yards

Yellow High Performance Paint Masking Tape 2" x 55 yards


Main applications

  • This tape is suited for almost all indoor paint works.
  • tesa® 4334 Precision Mask is applicable with water-based paints and lacquers. It even works with high-class spatula techniques.
  • It is suitable for a variety of common surfaces such as glass, aluminium, hard-PVC and wood.
  • It is perfect for indoor applications when a precise razor-sharp paint edge is needed.


Technical Data
▪ Backing material:      flat paper
▪ Total thickness:         90 μm 3.5 mils
▪ Type of adhesive:      acrylic
▪ Adhesion to steel:      1.85 N/cm 16.9 oz/in
▪ Elongation at break:   4 %
▪ Tensile strength:        30 N/cm 17.1 lbs/in
▪ UV-resistance 8 weeks


 Additional Information


tesa® 4334 Specification Sheet.


 Click here for Manufacture's website.


Nominal Tape Widths vs Actual Widths

Tape rolls are cut to standard tape industry metric widths of approx. 24mm per 1-inch of nominal width ordered. As a result ACTUAL tape widths are normally 5% narrower than the NOMINAL width shown in inches. Examples:

  • 1" Nominal width = 15/16" (24mm) Actual width
  • 2" Nominal width = 1-7/8" (48mm) Actual width
  • 3" Nominal width = 2-13/16" (72mm) Actual width

Note that tape rolls are NOT guaranteed to be splice-free.



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