Founded in 1950 by Blain Sites and Leighton Taylor, Mask-Off has been committed to manufacturing the highest quality pressure sensitive masking products known around the world as Protex®.

Beginning with our first customer, Northrop, Protex® quickly became synonymous with the finest quality pressure sensitive masking products on the market. In the early 1960's McDonnell Douglas added Mask-Off to their trusted supplier list and added several Protex® products to their DPM specifications, solidifying Mask-Off as a legitimate supplier in the industry. Today, many of the largest global aerospace manufacturers including Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, PPG, Gulfstream and Bombardier rely on multiple, specified Protex® products to protect surfaces from costly damage associated with heavy industrial environments.

While our Protex® products are used heavily in the aerospace industry, there are several other industries that have discovered the value of Protex® tapes. Industries including recreational vehicles, rotary die cutting, composite manufacturing and milling, television and film ,metal and plastic fabrication, construction and countless others have added Protex® to their day-to-day process.

Our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality product and customer service has earned us several awards and recognitions throughout the years, including special recognition and thanks from Collier Award winning Northrop Grumman for our vital role in the B-2 Bombers manufacturing process. That same commitment made it possible to achieve our goal of becoming AS9100C and ISO9001:2008 certified in 2015.

If you are an individual or organization just learning about Mask-Off, we welcome and encourage you to contact us so that we may assist you. If you are an existing Protex® user, we value and thank you for your business past, present, and future.

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