Masking Tapes Available At

Masking Tapes Available At

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Premium Masking Tape:

Intertape American® brand OM (Orange Mask™)


American Brand OM Orange Mask Tape Sold By

High Temperature Premium Masking Tape.

Synonymous With Outstanding Masking Performance!

High Quality, Smooth, Crepe Paper Masking Tape.

Crisp Paint Lines.

Can Be Exposed To Oven Temperature Up To 250°F (121°C) Up To 30 Minutes.

Meets: ASTM D6123-D6123M, CID AA-883B


$8.42 - $14.82

Intertape PG21A


PG21A Masking Tape Sold By

High Temperature Premium Masking Tape.

    Fine Crepe Paper masking tape.

    Designed For Clean Removal.

    Performs Well In Wet Strip applications.

    Provides Resistance To Paint Flaking & A Clean, Well Defined Paint Line.

    Temperature Resistant To 325°F/163°C

    $5.00 - $17.37

    Shurtape CP 27® 14-Day ShurRELEASE® Blue Painter's Tape - Multi-Surface


    Shurtape CP27 Sold By

    Painters Premium Masking Tape.

    Medium Adhesion

    Easy, No-Residue Removal.


    Prevents Lifting & Paint Seepage For Cleaner Paint Lines.

    For Interior & Exterior Use On Multiple Surfaces, Including: Painted Walls, Glass, Vinyl, Metal & Wood.


    $7.40 - $13.35

    Intertape 591 Double Sided Masking Tape

    IPG591 Sold By

    Premium Double Coated Flatback Masking Tape.

    A Recognized Standard In The Manufacture & Repair Of Golf Club Grip Application.

    Photograph Mounting,

    Carpet Installation.

    Any Application That Requires Two Adhesive Surfaces For Joining.

    Hang Plastic For Painting

    $10.23 - $24.12



    Professional Masking Tape:


    Shurtape CP28® 30-Day ShurRELEASE®

    Shurtape CP28 Sold By

    Patco 1776 Fineline Tape

    Patco 1776 Fineline Tape

    Fineline Masking Tape Automotive OEM Fineline


    Excellent High Temperature Performance.

    Low Stretch PVC Film With A Rubber Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape.

    Handles Compound Curves, Detail Work, Various Solvents, OEM, & Autobody Application Demands.

    Clean Removal.

    Autobody Aftermarket Fineline Color Separations.



    Specialty Identification Paper Flatback Tape


    Console Mixer Marking Tape

    Specially Formulated Adhesive Provides For Easier Unwind.

    Printable Tape. Perfect For Coding & Labeling.

    Premium Grade

    Provides Great Quick Stick For Labeling & Tagging.


    $7.04 - $9.21


    General Purpose,

    Utility Grade Masking Tape:

    Shurtape CP 83

    Shurtape CP106  Sold By

    Utility Grade, High Adhesion Masking Tape

    General purpose grade crepe paper masking tape.

    Economical, with good performance on multiple surfaces.

    Good quick stick and holding power.

    Excellent surface contact.


    $4.62 - $7.68

    Intertape PG505
    Painter's Masking Tape

    IPG505 Sold By

    Contractor  Painter's Masking Tape

    A Paint Contractor Industry Staple.

    For General Purpose Masking.

    Coated With A Pressure-Sensitive Natural Rubber Adhesive.

    Offers An Excellent Balance Of Quick Stick, Panel Adhesion & Holding Properties.

    Government Compliance: ASTM D6123 Type I & C.I.D. A-A-883B Type I


     $5.88 - $9.06


          Shurtape CP106


          Shurtape CP106  Sold By

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