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9 Different Double Sided Tapes Below To Choose From. One Of These Is The Perfect Fit.

Double Sided Masking Tapes


Specialty Double Sided Tapes:

Intertape® 591 Double Sided Masking Tape

IPG591 Sold By

Premium Double Coated Flatback Masking Tape.

Great For Crafts: Scrap Booking...Ect.

Carpet Installation.

A Recognized Standard In The Manufacture & Repair Of Golf Club Grip Application.

Photograph Mounting,

Any Application That Requires Two Adhesive Surfaces For Joining.

Hang Plastic For Painting

$8.99 - $21.50

Shurtape® GG200

Shurtape GG200 Sold By

Double Sided Paper Masking Tape.

    Superior Adhesion To A Variety Of Substrates Incl Titanium, Graphite & Steel.

    Fast Set-Up & Easy Clean-Up.

    Works With Any Solvent.

    Good Tensile Strength.

    Wrinkle-Resistant Tape & Liner.

    Can Also Be Used For Mounting, Holding, Splicing, Tabbing & Fastening.


    Tesa® 51970

    Tesa 51970 Sold By

    Permanent Bonding Double Coated Tape

      Excellent Combination Of High Tack & Adhesion

      Secure Bonding Even On Rough Surfaces

      Good Temperature Resistance & Outdoor Suitability

      Mounting & Bonding In The Appliance Industry

      Mounting Of Plastic & Wooden Trims

      Mounting Of Decorative Materials & Displays

      Mounting Of Transparent Signs & Scales


      $12.47 - $34.16

      Home & Industrial Double Sided Carpet & Mounting Tapes:


      Double Sided Gaffer Tape

      Polyken 105c Sold By

      Shurtape DF642 Carpet Tape

      Shurtape DF642 Sold By

      Polyken® 105C Carpet Tape

      Polyken 105c Paper Liner Sold By

      AirCraft, Flame Retardant, Double Sided Carpe Tape

      Polyken® 108FR

      Polyken 108FR Sold By

      Flame Retardant Aerospace Carpet Tape

      Flame Retardant Carpet Tape.

      Carpet Installation On Interior Floors & Stairs Of Aircraft.

      Mounting & Holding For General Shop & Machine Handling.

      Cloth Reinforcement.

      Conformable & Moisture Resistant.

      Clean Removal From Most Surfaces.

      Meets Requirements For Use By Major Aircraft Manufacturers As Well As Major Airlines.


      Polyken® 1111

      Polyken 1111 Sold By

      Lightweight Flame Retardant Aerospace Carpet Tape

      Lightweight Construction

      65% Lighter Than Standard Cloth Carpet Tapes. Saves Your Budget When Weight Matters.

      Carpet & Non-Textile Flooring Installation On Interior Floors & Stairs Of Aircraft.

      General Mounting & Bonding.

      Meets FAA Requirements For Use In Aircraft.

      Certifications: FAR 25.853 (a) Boeing - BMS5-133; Airbus - ABD0031, Paragraph 7.3.2 and Paragraph 7.4

      Differential Adhesive - High-Peel Liner Side & Low-Peel Air/Exposed Side.

      Offering Clean Removal From Most Surfaces.


       $60.00 - $90.00


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            Other Names For Carpet Tape:

            2 sided tape

            carpet tape

            carpet tape double sided

            double faced carpet tape

            double sided carpet tape

            Double Sided Cloth Carpet Tape

            double sided tape

            double stick carpet tape

            two sided carpet tape


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