Console Mixer Masking Tape: PF14-TapeMonster

Intertape Polymer Group

Console Mixer Masking Tape: PF14
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3/4 Inch x 60yds
White White

Console Mixer Marking Tape

Specially Formulated Adhesive Provides For Easier Unwind.

Printable Tape. Perfect For Coding & Labeling.

Premium Grade

Provides Great Quick Stick For Labeling & Tagging.

Made in USA

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A medium tensile strength, pressure-sensitive, kraft flatback, paper packaging and identification tape. Specially formulated adhesive provides for easier unwind while exhibiting an excellent balance of face to face adhesion and quick stick characteristics. Printable with standard flexographic ink.


Designed for light-weight packaging, bag locking, decorative edging, marking and color coding.


A-A-883 Type II,
ASTM D6123, D6123M Type II,
General Motors 9885278



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