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Polyken 108FR - Carpet Tape BMS5-133
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Black Black
Natural Natural
2 in. x 25 Yds
Case 24 Rolls

Aircraft Carpet Tape

BMS5-133 Type II, Class 1 & 2

Flame Retardant Carpet Tape.

Carpet Installation On Interior Floors & Stairs Of Aircraft.

Mounting & Holding For General Shop & Machine Handling.

Cloth Reinforcement.

Conformable & Moisture Resistant.

Clean Removal From Most Surfaces.

Meets Requirements For Use By Major Aircraft Manufacturers As Well As Major Airlines.

Made in USA

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Polyken108FR TDS

Heat Resistant Double Sided Tape

Polyken 108FR Flame Retardant Double Coated Cloth Carpet Tape is a double-sided cloth tape with flame retardant synthetic rubber adhesive. It is designed with a flame retardant cotton cloth and synthetic adhesive system that complies with F.A.R. 25.853(a).

Applications for Polyken 108 Double-Coated Carpet Tape include: Carpet installation on interior floors and on stairs of aircraft. It is used by companies such as Boeing, Douglas, Lockheed, major national and international airlines, as well as refurbishers. Polyken 108PE and Polyken 108FR is the same as Polyken 108 and just refers to the fact that the rolls ship with a PE (Polyethylene) release liner and is FR (Flame Retardant).

Polyken 108FR black comes pre-slit from Polyken so only the 2-inch wide size is available (Polyken ships them on cores labeled as Polyken 108).

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