Polyken 1111 Lightweight Flame Retardant Carpet Tape ►BMS5-133-TapeMonster


Polyken 1111 Lightweight Flame Retardant Carpet Tape ►BMS5-133
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2 in. x 60yds

BMS5 133 Spec Met

Polyken® 1111 Is Lightweight Construction

65% Lighter Than Standard Cloth Carpet Tapes Polyken® 1111 Saves Your Budget When Weight Matters.

Carpet & Non-Textile Flooring Installation On Interior Floors & Stairs Of Aircraft.

Use Polyken® 1111 For General Mounting & Bonding.

Polyken® 1111 Meets FAA Requirements For Use In Aircraft.

Certifications: FAR 25.853 (a) Boeing - BMS5-133; Airbus - ABD0031, Paragraph 7.3.2 and Paragraph 7.4

Differential Adhesive - High-Peel Liner Side & Low-Peel Air/Exposed Side.

Polyken® 1111 Offering Clean Removal From Most Surfaces.

Made in USA Made in the USA Tapemonster

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Polyken 1111 TDS

Polyken 1111 Lightweight Flame Retardant Carpet Tape

Polyken® 1111 Is a double-sided gray/black polyester film tape coated with a flame retardant differential adhesive. Adhesive forms an aggressive permanent bond to underside of carpet on liner black side while the removable air/exposed lighter black gray side still removes cleanly from most surfaces so can take off when aircraft requires servicing again. Polyken® 1111 is Used in aerospace industry for carpet and non-textile flooring installation on interior floors and stairs of aircraft. General mounting and bonding. Lightweight construction is 65% lighter than standard cloth carpet tapes for reduced aircraft weight and greater fuel economy. Also note this tape comes in longer 60 yard length rolls, unlike standard double-sided flame retardant cloth tape like Polyken 108FR which comes in 25 yard rolls.

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