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CDT-HS Safety Tape: Yellow/Black Caution Duct Tape (Adhesive Tape Products)-TapeMonster

CDT-HS Safety Tape: Yellow/Black Caution Duct Tape (Adhesive Tape Products)

Adhesive Tape Products, Ltd.

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CDT-HS Caution Duct Tape

A High quality polyethylene-coated cloth duct tape, with natural rubber with synthetic adhesive. This striped safety warning tape is used for permanent and temporary marking of hazardous areas, aisles, stairs, wires, cords, etc. Ideal for use in manufacturing, as well as in convention/exhibition halls, residential/ commercial sites. Hand-tearable and easy to use. Peels off easily upon removal, leaving no residue on most surfaces. Peel Adhesion: 36 oz/in. Tensile: 30 lbs/in. Temperature Range: -31°F to 176°F. 3” neutral core/carton. COLOR: Black/yellow diagonal stripes. 11.8 mil. 63 mesh.

Colors Available:         Typical Uses...
Black/yellow                  Physical Hazard/Caution



Product Applications:

  • Readily identifying cable areas and trip hazards in TV, audio/visual, entertainment, trade shows, conventions, etc.
  • Bundling cables and wires
  • Marking and labeling equipment cases and boxes
  • Marking stairs and exits or spiking stages



Nominal Tape Widths vs Actual Widths

Tape rolls are cut to standard tape industry metric widths of approx. 24mm per 1-inch of nominal width ordered. As a result ACTUAL tape widths are normally 5% narrower than the NOMINAL width shown in inches. Examples:

  • 1" Nominal width = 15/16" (24mm) Actual width
  • 2" Nominal width = 1-7/8" (48mm) Actual width
  • 3" Nominal width = 2-13/16" (72mm) Actual width

Note that tape rolls are NOT guaranteed to be splice-free.

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